Volunteer Trash Pickers of Malaysia

Our Cause

Cuci Malaysia is a nationwide movement that focuses on picking up trash in many trash-ridden public areas. Sidewalks, beaches, lakes, parks, anywhere and everywhere trash is thrown irresponsibly. Cuci Malaysia also conducts post-disaster clean up efforts, with the idea that:

  • Anyone can support and/or join our cause.
  • All of our activites/sessions are uploaded online for people to do their part in sharing and raising awareness.


To clean up Malaysia.


Creating an army that uphold the ideology of cleaning up Malaysia in order to create a cleaner living environment while preservering nature for future generations.

KGs of Trash Collected

Clean Nation!

Almost 95% of our public areas are contaminated by trash. Plastic bottles, cigarette buds, masks, you name it. The solution is simple; step forward and do it ourselves. You can help by joining as a volunteer, donating or simply sharing our cause.

KGs of CO2 Saved
Public Area Clean-Up Initiatives
Post-Disaster Engagement
Aligning with UNSDG